Coloring engraved words?

Is there some way to add color to engraved words on Acrylic?

I’ve used Shiva oil paintstiks successfully. Apply it before you take the masking off. They come in more colors.


Welcome to the forum, an active community that has been discussing the Glowforge for over 3 years and sharing all sorts of information. You should familiarize yourself with the search function. You will discover many answers - sometimes to questions you haven’t even formulated yet. There are many posts about coloring acrylic.


My method is to mask the acrylic, engrave it and then hit it with spray paint, but there are lots of other methods as well. It’s been discussed a lot and tons of great info out there!


Do you need to seal it when using these? Just filled mine, but seems like it could rub out on things.

Depends what your using it for. If not for display only, another method may be a better option.

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