This might be a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway. In the promo video it shows an air plain being colored red instead of black which was the original color. Is this something the machine do or is the material made this way? :smile:

You mean at about 1:20 when the little girl draws the plane?

She drew in black marker on a white sticker-sheet on the top of red acrylic. The laser engraved away the marker and the paper it was painted on.

The acrylic MAY have had a natural white layer, or they just didn’t peel off the white sticker covering, leaving the final plane as a thin layer of white over bulk red.

It’s most likely this-

But white exterior and red interior.

I use this type of material all the time on our CNC. Cool stuff.

Exactly right @karaelena. It’s actually this:

Too bad Inventables doesn’t sell 12x20 sheets, but I’m guessing Glowforge will. Is this the type of storefront that you will put in place for approved comsumables?