Colors of engraving?

I did some research on this forum for this and could not quite find what I was looking for, my search mostly turned up colors having to do with the steps. I watched a couple videos of people engraving on silicone, one was on a tumbler and the other was a watch band. Both pieces of silicone were black. The finished product on the tumbler was white, while the finished product on the watch band was black. The only difference I saw was the LPI, the tumbler was 340 while the watch was 225. Does this setting alter the color?

The color is dependent upon the material, not the lpi. The process of engraving burns away layers of the material, exposing what is underneath. The watchband and tumbler sleeves were different types of silicone I suspect.


@geek2nurse, didn’t you do some silicone color work?

Not me! :woman_shrugging:

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Hmm who was painting silicone engraves?

@eflyguy, maybe?

I scored / engraved some watch bands, but I haven’t tried coloring them. I can’t see how you’d get different colors without using paint, though.


@databoydesign posted about two tone laser silicone products:


I’ve had single color silicone come out either black or white. And it wasn’t dependent on the silicone’s base color - had black engrave white and white/clear engrave black. I expect it’s something in the chemical makeup of the silicone.

I’ve also used two color silicone bands where I’ve burned away the top layer to expose the bottom layer. Those usually need some kind of cleaning after the engrave to get the exposed bottom color not to look dirty or blackened.

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