Combining 2 two projects

I want to combine 2 projects that i made using the “trace” options into one file.
Is there a simple way to do that without having to retrace both patterns again?

You are supposed to be able to copy from one, then paste into another - but that doesn’t work for me and others have reported the same.

Open each project in a separate tab and try it.

nope…it was a nice thought tho.

Yeah. They announced it as a new feature but it doesn’t work on current versions of Chrome (recommended), Safari or Firefox here.

The right-click menu is completely non-functional in Safari and Firefox. I can use ⌘C/⌘V within a project just fine, but does not carry across different projects.

Oh - you can just export one of your projects, them use the import (upload) option when you have the other one open. That should solve your problem.


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