Combining Art

I pour paint and have a lot of leftover skins. Decided to attach them to the veneer and laser out some earrings. They are delicate but really pretty. The glue/paint makes them pretty unbreakable.


Those designs are amazing ! I especially love the green turtle… :heart_eyes:

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great concept and beautiful results.


those look great. i bought stuff to do some poor-man pour paintings (with a jug of elmers), but still haven’t done it yet. need to make that happen.


So pretty. I haven’t done any paint pours, but it’s on my (long) list to try. It really bumps up the elegance of the simpler earring designs.


Nice work! We have been loving paint pouring! Great idea and good looking products!


So many different styles also!

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Pour painting recipe: I make a big batch of pour fluid to mix with my acrylic paints. Use 60% Elmers Glue All / 30% distilled water and 10% Flood/Floetral. Then I mix this 1/2 and 1/2 with the paints. I use more or less of the mix if I want a thicker/thinner pour. I add in silicone sometimes but it is hard to remove later and not worth it. Buy some canvasses with a deep profile, drive some nails into the corners of the back of the wood frame, put some plastic on the floor and start pouring! You can use tuna fish strainers to get interesting designs, lay a strip of a solid color on one edge and wipe it with a paper towel over an already poured painted area or just layer the paint in cups/pour/spread by lifting the canvas. Super fun.

A friend of mine wanted a waterfall for her new house.


I cut the skins and attach them to the sticky side. Just make sure you use the skins soon after they are dry, wait to long and they become very brittle. Also, any with silicone will not stick properly. I lasered them paper side up and adjusted the cut speed a little to make sure they cut all the way.