Community Support Introduction - Bailey


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as I’ll be heading community support here at Glowforge and will be fielding many questions.

Since you’re here, I hope you take a moment to follow us on our social networks. We’re just ramping up & need people like you - passionate about making things, pumped about having your very own laser, & proud to be founding characters in the Glowforge story - to join us!

Please give us a like or follow:

Happy laser-ing,
Bailey, Glowforge Marketing Specialist


Looking at orphan posts to see if something is neglected. Wow. To think I could have been in on this so long ago. You have done a bang up job in marketing. Congrats.

@bailey does good work, but she’s in Cambodia this week so won’t see your reply for a bit. (For those keeping track, yeah, we’re very shorthanded at Glowforge HQ this week - but will have some improvements there soon).

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I also recently found this and a few other posts. I thought following everything in New and Unread would mean I read all posts. But Latest showed me quite a few entire threads I haven’t read at all. Curious.

Looks like New is only brand new topics. Unread only pops up when others post in a topic on which you have previously commented or started. Latest is every post topic in order.

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Hi all! I’m back - and as we’re building out our team here, I’m hoping to have a more visible presence on the community board moving forward. I do pop on from time to time and it’s pretty amazing and flattering how much good stuff is going on here!