Community Worker Project

Pretty proud of this small ptototype project we did using the GlowForge and some other equipment. It was truly fun to design and get everything to work.

We started by using Adobe Illustrator to create the artwork and the template for the GlowForge. We then utilized some press equipment to coat the product with Polyester. This allowed for the Medium Basewood that we used to accept the artwork that we created in Illustrator.

We are still working on the colors being more vibrant, however, it was not a bad result for the first test and first GlowForge project we have done. We don’t hate the color as it gives the toy a vintage look.

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Neat! The pieces do look vintage. Are the pieces stand alone or maybe for a game?

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It looks like a traffic/construction safety game. Cool! Does the polyester you applied allow the wood to be printed on? I’m not clear on exactly what your process is.


I believe it allows for sublimation.

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Yes. It allows the product to be Sublimated on. However, in the process of creating the product, it was discovered that the basewood or its fire resistant coating has some polyester in it. The print is not as colorful but the result is the same.

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This is correct. Sublimation requires polyester or polymer type coating to be effective. There is also some important variables and supplies that one must have or to consider when sublimating.

They are the beginning of a series of “Community Workers” that we are creating. The idea is to have a series of community workers that will be added to our club boxes over time. The paleontologist and its three accompanying pieces will be the first ones added to the club box and other buildings, tents, etc. will be added to the future club boxes.

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