Compact Filter vs Air Filter

Hello everyone - I just saw that I could order the Air Filter system now - which I did.

I’m just confused on terminology.

When they first started to talk about an air filter it was called ‘compact’ - now I only see ‘air filter’.

There was a post saying that you could ‘upgrade’ to a compact filter? But even when you bundle it its still the normal air filter.

All images look the same - expect for the compact filter replacements.

Am I missing something?? Which is updated and correct? What are the differences between the two? Or at they basically the same.

Thank you!

Both are roughly (if not exactly) the same size and shape. The Glowforge filter cartridges have been improved to provide longer life.

I don’t see where you can order the compact filter.

It was a temporary solution until their own could be manufactured, now theirs is the only option that I see.

when i looked via google - they had an option to buy it through that window. They don’t have it via the normal site…so we will see how this goes. haha.

I’m guessing there is some verbiage in the marketing docs that hasn’t been updated. Maybe this support ticket will alert them to the fact.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry for the confusion. @eflyguy is correct, we offered the Compact Filter as an optional solution while we worked on the Glowforge Air Filter which is now available for purchase. I’ve updated the form to indicate that change.

I’m happy to hear you ordered an Air Filter of your own. If you have any other questions, feel free to start a new topic.