Comparing greyscale options

Thought I’d share a little comparison I did to see which settings to use on a project. The differences were subtle, but I think I like map to greyscale best. (My preference will likely change a few times though :slight_smile: ) Here’s the same files on ply using Floyd Steinberg, ordered dither and map to grey. All 340 LPI and 0 min/100 max with no masking, one pass. (And yes, I was too cheap to use another piece pf ply so the last set is smaller lol.)

The last single pic is another in the series and I was testing a lighter version of the file. I kinda like it best and will likley do something in between the two.

Still on the GF bed and not cleaned up yet.

These are after being cleaned with alcohol. The columns are
vv Floyd Steinberg vv________________vv Ordered vv______________________vv Map grey


Nice I like that last one very cool.


Very awesome! I think I like the map grey scale the best. Love the artwork!

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Thank you for doing this test. This was very helpful. :smiley:

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Since they added that option, I’ve been starting with Map to Grayscale first. If it looks good, that’s where I stop :slight_smile:

I used to be a big F-S fan but on the GF, MtG seems to be well suited to the machine’s capability for most stuff I’ve been doing.

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