Compensation for the wait

I think the only fair thing for compensation for the delay for all who have pre-ordered would be to raise the price a little bit from here on out. The satisfaction of being able to get the unit for a little bit less than anyone else from here on would be satisfactory.


So, say, $200? That seems fair. :wink:

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I take it you are serious about this. Interesting point. All that flooding in Texas makes me feel grateful that I only got one inch of rain Monday and couldn’t till up my garden. Not quite schadenfreude but almost there.:innocent:

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I’m totally serious. I may get some hate from this but honestly I’m tired of reading all these oh poor me attitudes about the delay. All the sob stories of Oh my Gosh, I’m not going to be able to live now because I’ve been let down… yada yada yada.
The people complaining about the gracious act by @dan and the GF crew for giving away products and discounts is ridiculous. Something that was NOT necessary but they did anyway.
This was a crowdfunded campaign to get in on the ground floor for half price or 40% off a product that will no doubt will be the best thing since sliced bread…lol
Sorry to all of you who didn’t bother to read all the fine print. There was NEVER a definitive ship date. And if you do your research, there are many of these type of campaigns that have still not come through. Be happy that we are still getting updates (more than some campaigns) Be happy in the knowledge that the GF team is more concerned about getting out a quality working product then cutting corners to get the product out faster (something I wish other companies would consider doing more.)

I tend to be blunt when I speak my mind, and I apologize in advance to any of you that get your panties in a bind over this, but just as I teach my 12 year old son…be responsible for the choices you make and don’t complain when your wishes don’t come true…


A couple people on here are quickly becoming my favorites, mainly because we think so much alike.


I completely agree. When someone gives me something that is unexpected, I was taught to say thank you. I don’t like to wait anymore than anyone else, but some things can’t be helped. How many times does Dan have to say he is truly sorry.


Someone else paying more doesn’t have any effect on what I’m paying or how I feel about it. I’m not sure how charging someone else more money makes up for any delays, but I guess that’s just me.


It doesn’t make up for the delay…So many people are complaining about the “gift” and that it’s not good enough or they want to pick their own materials or that they would rather have the $ etc.
The reason I pre-ordered was to get the lower price… that’s good enough for me.


I’m with you, @smcgathyfay; people upset about the gifting of $150 of product bothers me as well.

(emphasis is mine)

Dan has said that it’s $150 of cost to Glowforge. It’s not “well, we got this wood at $50 a panel which we’re planning on selling for $60 MSRP, so let’s claim it’s a $60 gift.” PLUS they’re covering shipping as part of that, too.

Honestly, if people want nothing so badly, I wish Glowforge would say “Fine. No product? Here’s 30 days extra warranty (that you’ll not need),” and wipe hands on pants. It’s the gift that isn’t giving.


I say for those that don’t want the freebies, let them have the 30 days extra. I personally want my samples. I want to play with my new toy day one. Not a week later when I finally get something shipped to me for me to cut on.


I wil gladly accept any unwanted samples and send anyone a prepaid shipping label in the US! lol


Now I’m not a religious man, but here is a piece of truth; “Seek and ye shall find.” You won’t have to look far to find a reason to be upset, but the same is true for your good fortune. The magic there is the choice is yours.

Some people find fault like there is a reward for it . The reason is, it’s expected.
The prize for that is a world view of shortcomings and disappointment.
The real prize is a brighter outlook from seeing not what is missing, but from what could be missing. What is your world full of?
That’s your perspective, be careful with it, it colors your life.

Preadolescence I was dumpster diving for bottle deposits. I grew up on the street, and it gave me an appreciation for the simple things, like having enough to eat.
As a result I’m very easy to please, and have spent most of my life happy. I am thankful for the poverty of my childhood, it gave me a great treasure - appreciation.

I am also 60 years old, and have been scratching around on Earth long enough to develop a deep perspective. In my experience, a shallow one is a reflection of youth and inexperience.
When my kids did something dumb, I found myself judging them through my perspective, which was totally unfair! They were children, they didn’t even have any perspective.

So, in defense of the “haters”, theirs is a long rough road. When I remind myself of that, I feel a (small) degree of compassion.

Pessimism. Being prematurely disappointed in the future. Bad juju. Don’t go there.


I am a very religious man and Samuel said a lack of patience can cause you to miss great things. So true especially in this instance.

Also this time it is @dan that says “I choose the appointed time” lol

All in all I am enjoying my time on the forums and look forward to many more months of banter and conversation with you fine folk (glowfolk)


Yes, we have a good community here, and many great talents.


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