Complete refund and cancellation!

Since y’all refuse to answer me regarding FedEx I want a complete refund and cancellation of this refurb. I don’t want it and want my machine back I paid for.


You are just talking to other owners here, support doesn’t monitor the forum anymore. You need to email them.

They are just slow, they aren’t refusing to answer. You might check your promotions and spam folders. Good luck.


No one here can help.


I believe you know that Glowforge doesn’t monitor the forum and that your only way to contact Support is through email. Also, we can’t help with Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, etc. We hear your frustration, but we can’t help.



As you are likely aware from your ongoing dealings with them, support can be extremely slow. When it comes to anything to do with shipping, they have to contact the company that assembles and ships the machine, and that process alone can take time. If they had already determined another refurb would need to be sent, your ticket is likely marked as ‘pending’ a response from the outsourcing company, and will stay that way until they hear back. At this time of year, you can expect things to move a lot slower than usual (which is slow to begin with. )

Not saying it’s a good situation, just explaining the reality of how they do business.


Yeah, we’re just all other customers… we have no control over anything!

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