Compliment for the Glowforge Shipping Department

This is NOT a problem. I would like someone from support to pass along the message to the shipping department and @dan

Glowforge PROOFGRADE materials arrived this week and there were multiple sizes and products.

Wow Just Wow!! Everything arrived so nicely organized and the entire contents was tightly shrink wrapped.

Someone from the shipping department truly respects my hard earned money because they meticulously prepared my order.


I agree! I ordered material Monday and it came in Wednesday and was perfectly packed. It even survived my UPS delivery guy (he drops everythinggggg).

About to order more goodies :slight_smile:


Yesterday @CMadok and I were chatting on the phone and I told her I was going to post something to the forum about the beautiful prepared package that came.

I was so impressed I decided I was going to order another shipment of various materials.

@dan needs to give his shipping department a big box of decadent “Thank You” cupcakes and have a note that reads ——-

“The Glowforge shipping team members are just as important as the programmers!”


Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I’ve passed your message along, and it means a lot to the whole team. We’re glad that you were satisfied with your shipment!

I’m going to close this thread but please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything else.