Connecting GF to Wi-Fi using Laptop and Phone as Hotspot

Hi! I just unboxed my GF Pro and I’m excited to get rolling. I’ve hit a snag and so I’m seeking a little guidance. I do not have wi-fi at my studio. I always connect other devices using my iPhone. So, I have my laptop connected to my phone for internet access currently. Then from my laptop I’ve been going through the setup process. I got to the screen that says “Huzzah! Your computer is connected to your glowforge” Then I need to connect to a network. I don’t have a network listed, so I select Join a Network. I’ve attempted to connect using my phone’s connection but no luck. Can anyone shed light on this for me? I really appreciate any help! Thank you!

I’m sorry for the trouble getting set up. I can see you already contacted us about this via email, and I responded there just a little while ago. I didn’t notice at the time that you’d already opened a forum post here. I’m going to close this thread so we can keep working on it via email. Thank you!