Connection Issues with Glowforge

My glowforge is not connecting to the internet. it is trying to callibrate and then says offline.
I have rebooted the glowforge and restarted my computer.

Have you turned off your router and let it completely reboot before turning on the Glowforge? You can also try using your phone as a hot spot until Support gets back to you.

I’ve tried restarting my router, the laptop, the machine. I rebooted it. It connected to the network that the glowforge broadcasted, but it won’t connect to my internet

does that make sense?

It sounds like you went through the setup process again - is that right? You held the print button down until it turned teal and you redid the setup but now you can’t reconnect to your home wifi?

yes, that’s it

Does your home wifi appear in the drop down menu, but when you select it nothing happens or does your home wifi not appear in the drop down menu?

It does appear and when I click it and put in my password, it says it cannot connect.

The glowforge has always been in the same spot- it hasn’t moved

I haven’t done anything different than before. It’s been running with no issues, in the same spot, for eight months.

Others have reported that interference on their network from other devices can be an issue. If you could turn your home wifi off and go through the set up process using your phone as a hotspot you could identify if it is, in fact, the wifi that is dropping rather than something else.

Official support will be along, I am just trying to help you get running again for now.



I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge is having an issue connecting to your wi-fi.

I extracted logs from your Glowforge to look into the issue and it looks like you have been able to print again!

I wanted to follow up and make sure you were not still having issues.

I was able to print! My Vivint security system was interfering with the wifi

I have to unplug the whole system when I use my glowforge. It’s not ideal but I’m happy to be cutting for now.

Thanks for checking in.


I’m glad to hear you were able to print again with your Glowforge. I’m sorry to hear your Vivint system was interfering.

I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!