My glowforge will not stay connected. Why?

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The Glowforge requires a stable wifi connection - not necessarily a fast connection or even a powerful connection. Something on your network may be interfering with the Glowforge, and this can be hard to diagnose. Some users have had good luck changing the router channel that is assigned to their Glowforge which you accomplish in your router setup. Others have had success moving their Glowforge closer to the router.


It has a small antenna that’s buried in a metal enclosure and surrounded by interference sources (like a high voltage CO2 laser tube and power supply). It is more susceptible to weak signal strength than a computer or phone, so it may have trouble staying connected to a weak wifi signal even if your other devices work in the same space. For me, the permanent fix was replacing my router with a mesh wifi system, that gave me a strong wifi signal in all parts of my house.


A cheaper alternative to going full mesh is a simple $35 range extender near the GF. It doesn’t need a ton of speed, just a stable signal.


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