Considerations for moving internationally with my GF

We’re preparing to relocate to London, UK for the next three years (from Michigan), and you better believe my GF is coming with me. I know I’ll just need to swap the cord (that’s what GF support told me when I wrote last fall when this was even a remote possibility-- seriously it was the first thing that came to me “…but can I take my Glowforge??”) to plug it in, so that’s pretty easy. Couple of other questions I thought I might crowdsource because I didn’t find them in some quick searching.

  1. Can proof grade materials get shipped to an APO? We’ll have one which should make getting things from the US much easier.
  2. I’m really struggling with what to do about the air filter given its timeline. Right now I vent out of a window, but the noise outside is really a lot, since my neighbor’s houses are so close. I can hear it loudly in the front yard, even though it’s coming out of back window. I’ve read most of the threads about noise solutions, which are mostly on the inside of the house, and have tried some. In London we’ll likely live in a victorian row house so neighbors will be even closer (and unsure what the window situation will be in what rooms-- we’ll find housing once we arrive-- so unclear the ability to DIY window vent it). Don’t want to be the loud Americans next door-- my spouse is really concerned about that-- so have been planning on getting the GF air filter but haven’t bought it yet. Opinions on buying it now, and then getting on the list to possibly get the other filter that’s being offered now? Would rather not have to buy it twice-- i.e. then buy the GF model once done. And is the other filter even adaptable to the UK?

Probably need to move the Print button to the left side. And remember to engrave anodized aluminium, not aluminum.



Foreign Service assignment?

A lot of those old Victorians are very solid - not a lot of issue with noise transmission, but definitely smart to get answers ahead of time.

I’d also be curious if the compact is going to be usable on 220…as the GF filter will be plugged into the GF it definitely is.

Honestly… with the way EU warranty works (they are special if I remember correctly): I’d run a cost analysis that would include selling your current machine, and buying an EU machine. Even with VAT, you may be better off if a problem develops. A US machine will carry a US warranty regardless of where you move.


Interesting consideration. I’ll think on that and maybe ask GF people re: warranty. We’ll be gone for three years and then coming back home so switching out machines seems weird-- but something to consider. Fortunately I won’t have to pay VAT-- it’s moving as part of our household belongings and is exempt with that-- it’s something I’ve owned for more than 6 months.

Meant to say, you would owe VAT on a new purchase, if you went that route. I would definitely confirm but warranties almost never take on new characteristics if one moves.

Congratulations on the move! Unfortunately, we aren’t yet shipping Proofgrade Materials to the UK and the Air Filter isn’t available for individual purchase yet. You can find information on our warranty here. I do hope your move goes easily! Feel free to email should you have any additional questions.