Consistency problems when uploading files to Dashboard

I am having a continued problem and I have searched through the forum without any luck.

I continue having problems with sizing on the GI. First, I printed the clock that I purchased from the catalog. The wood layer and the acrylic are both different sizes. I used Proofgrade materials.

I have input and cut files I have created using Silhouette and Illustrator. I understand sizing and have built the files correctly.

Is there a way to verify the size when you bring into GI? I know there are rulers at top and side but there isn’t a way to snap a line or to verify size of each file that I can see? Any thoughts? It is frustrating and I keep wasting material.

I am very familiar with the Silhouette Designer software and it is quite user friendly. I am using GF Premium beta version and from what I see there aren’t many options to check files and adjust and it doesn’t seem to be as user friendly to verify before printing. It may be that I am used to one type of software.

When I import items from Ilustrator, they seem to adjust size too. In some projects, it isn’t as big of a problem for me but when I’m cutting two different files with different substrates that need to match, I seem to failing. Any suggestions, tips?

Much appreciated!

The measure tool will give you precise information regarding the size of each element of your file.

When you create your own designs, put them in a 12"x20" area and then they shouldn’t resize.

These statements are incongruous. It’s likely that you’re exporting your files with the wrong options, probably “Responsive” is checked. Less likely could be a DPI thing.

When everything is configured correctly, files created in your design software will come out the exact right size on the Glowforge.

Of course, if you want to verify the size of something, just click on it and look at the measurements.


Can you clarify what measure tool you are talking about?

Thanks/ The little ruler is hidden at bottom of my mac. This is what I was missing. I am sizing the artboard to 12x20 in illustrator before I bring the Dashboard. The ruler will help me to verify sizes before printing. Very helpful, thanks!


I’m so sorry about the trouble you ran into, but I’m so glad to hear that the AMAZING advice @chris1 provided was helpful, and you were able to continue with your project.

Thanks for always being great @chris1, these steps were great advice :slight_smile:

@rickv1013 I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at in the future if you happen to run into any more trouble. We’re here to help!