Constant Browser Redirect Error during initial setup

I am trying to complete setup on a brand new Glowforge. I get an error “too many redirects” when trying to logon or go to the site. I have cleared the browser history and cookies and tried several different machines and browsers with no luck. Please advise.


Brian Ching is working for me right now - any chance you can try again and it was just a weird glitch?

or try (that’s where that redirects to)


Now I’m getting the error when I try to log on ie when I login to the community forums. I have tried uninstalling chrome, clearing the cache, different browsers, different PCs/macs - all with no change.

Occasionally, I get redirected to the generic homepage but never to the setup/unboxing page.

It’s seems that redirects to another site (I can’t make out which site) which prevents me from logging in and creates the redirect error.

Any help would be appreciated!

As a note, I received this as a gift. Originally, the account was in my wife’s email/login. I just recently had it changed to my email/login info.

The issue has occurred since that change.

This issue seems to be related to Which leads me to believe that possibly the account info change is related.

Yep, that’s critical information. Support is going to have to get it straightened out once they see your post. Permission is assigned based on the original purchase email, and any changes have to be manually set up on their end.

They’ll likely get in touch when they have it straightened out. (It might speed up the process for you if you send them an email at, describe the situation, telling them your wife’s email, the email that you want to use on the account, and referencing the previous ticket that they opened for you when they changed it over. It’s going to take time for them to verify everything, and the more information you can provide, the quicker that part is going to go.)


Hi @brian.ching I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.