Constant Cooling Alert Issue but I'm within GF Temp Range


So it seems I’m not the first for this, but my GF just started to give me a constant message of “Glowforge Cooling, will resume shortly” kind of message. I live in washington, the humidity is within range and the temperature is above 60 and below 80 (I have the pro). It’s also in the garage which keeps it just the right temperature.

I’ve checked the exhaust fan, no crust/cake over the exit and the fan starts up and works hard, air is definitely moving. The GF calibrates and turns on, but just randomly stopped running and instead gives me a Cooling error whenever I decide to print.

Obviously this came at a poor time with various deadlines I need the machine for. I’ve emailed support but I’m really hoping there is a work around here so that I can get it back up and moving.

Anyone here experienced this same issue? Is there perhaps a temperature gauge that could be dirty? Machine was literally working until last night in which it just stopped mid project and sat for hours “cooling” never finishing the project. Eventually I just turned it off, maybe had 20 mins of burn time this morning, and then every project after had the cooling issue.

Again, it is not hot out, nor is it too cold. What happened to my glowforge?



Time for the “Ice Bucket Challenge” temporary workaround? :sunglasses:

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I mean I can try it, but its really like 67 degrees outside, theres no way it would be too hot. Maybe the thermometer just got broke or something?

@matt8: Very frustrating! Lately I’ve been using “blue ice” instead of an ice bucket—much less messy. I’m sure a bag of frozen peas or corn would wok just as well. But, admittedly, when I’ve done that, the garage temp was near the limit for my Glowforge model. :sunglasses:

@lightner as it stands now im using a pack of blue ice pushed on the bottom just like your work around, I’ve also got a humidity machine going just in case. So far…no go…I guess I’ll let it run for a bit?

This can be caused by the machine not being able to breath well.

Check your intake to make sure something hasn’t been sucked up (it’s on bottom, front right’ish of machine).

And your exhaust - if it’s not able to evacuate the air during a job, the heat will build up. This can be from a clogged up exhaust fan/grate, or an inefficient exhaust set up (too many bends, etc.).

Or, you could have a bad temperature sensor.

I think the recommendation from Support is to run a job with no material (so no smoke) and see how it does.


Tried running any job and the laser head just wont move. It moves for calibrating but the moment I start a job it just immediately goes to Cooling. @_@

I took the hose off the back to check for airflow and its pumping out air fast as all get out still. Just nothing else happening though.

Do we know which part is the temperature sensor?

@lightner @jbmanning5 Well it looks like support got back to me with a replacement after looking at my logs, so I guess we’ll never know. For anyone else looking at this issue in hopes of resolving their own, best to contact support. Apparently my GF had other issues too like webcam bent/etcetcetc Thank you two for trying to help! And thanks GF support for the timely replies!


I’m so sorry about the bad news. Because we’re working with you via email, I’ll go ahead and close this thread.