Constant Lagging Files

I am getting so frustrated with the application for Glowforge online. Since there is no way to truly keep track of measurements besides a simple toolbar I have to make sure that when I duplicate it is correct. When you duplicate multiple items to efficiently use your material gets major lag and takes forever to adjust to your sheet of material. How do we remedy this? I like what I can create with this machine, however the application makes me very disappointed in purchasing.

Some users have discovered that lagging in the interface is solved by clearing their cache and sometimes switching browsers. There are certainly some shortcomings in the interface, but it is possible to achieve many things by setting up the original file in a way that does not bump up against the interface limitations. This includes using a 12 x 10 artboard for creating the file and making all copies in the graphics software where it is usually possible to lock measurements.


To go off what @dklgood said, it’s better to set up all duplicates in your design program. If you have something to engrave, and duplicate it in the GFUI, it treats each engrave individually which can really add up time. However, if you create it all in one file, it’ll treat the engraves as one whole, thus saving time. And then you can get your cuts as close as possible; you could have them as close as .008" for curves or right on each other for straight (that’s another trick though).


Yeah, not sure what you mean about “no way to truly keep track of measurements”.

When I want to fit as much as possible on to a piece of material, I use nesting software. I’m partial to


Thanks, everyone for the helpful information! Did the advice from our other community members assist you with the issues you have been experiencing?

Thanks all. It is just odd that my file began not working efficiently starting in December. Even after clearing the cache. Having a more 3d based background it is just difficult to navigate the app, because it is simplistic in design yet archaic at times. When uploading sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why certain things become grouped together. In a perfect world i would love it to be similar to CAD or solidedge giving you precise dimensions. I find even that the panels of wood I buy from Glowforge are different in thickness slightly which makes it difficult to sell a consistent product.

I’m so sorry about the trouble you’ve run into when working with the app, and our Proofgrade materials. I’ll gladly bring up the issues in the app you’ve highlighted with our development team. We’re always making an effort to make our workspace as simple and effective as possible. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

In regard to the variance in Proofgrade materials, could you please post a photo of the Proofgrade you mentioned? If you have calipers or another accurate way to measure, please include measurements of the material thickness. If you have another sheet to use as a comparison, that can be helpful, too.

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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email