Constant orange light

My machine gets a constant orange light upon start up. I have cleaned every fan thoroughly. Made sure the white cable is connected. I don’t believe it’s a temperature issue bc it’s the first time I’ve turned the machine on for the day. I tried for hours doing every suggestion i could find online. I have restarted my computer, internet and nothing is working. I have been running the machine for almost two years without issue. I’m not sure what changed now. But I run a business and can’t afford to be without a working machine. I would greatly appreciate any help at all!

Hi @kshandmade. I’m sorry that you ran into some trouble with your Glowforge receiving an orange light when it starts up. I saw and just responded to your opened email support request for this same issue. To avoid any potential for miscommunication, I’ll go ahead and close this Community thread, and will look forward to your response to my email. Thank you!