Constantly shutting down to cool now get orange light and fan revs hard

Looking for an answer I have cleaned all fans and done all the steps per the glowforge support catalog. My glowforge started yesterday to cool off and delay printing .I dismantled and cleaned still shut down to I disnantled and recleaned every fan lens and crumb…Now the fan revs and cancels the print job.I followed the steps to clean the gold prongs still no go…DoI have to wait till Monday to get service I have orders to get out…

Some of them sometimes come around on weekends. Meanwhile the rest of us can try to pitch in, if you want.

Which model do you have, and what’s the temperature in your room? Also, it sounds like you’ve already checked your white cable connection, but just in case, take a look at that, since it can throw the orange light if it gets loose.


I have been down since Wednesday! And that is with a reply that said that I needed a new part. I’m still waiting for anyone from Glowforge to acknowledge my replies and send me my part. Almost tempted to order the Dremel digilab and sell this Glowforge!!

I have the plus Ifinally got it to cut but now the fan in back is obnoxiously loud , air is venting properly now.As I said we cleaned all fans and checked all cables…I finally turned it off turned it back on and lift lid open for 10 minutes…quite concerned over the noise es now

I. So frustrated they spend thousands on commercials and nothing on customer support , I’m dead in the water and no response at all from gf. I’m shopping too

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble! I see that you also reached out to us directly, and we’ve responded to inquire about some additional images. I’ll keep this thread open for the time being, and wait until we’ve heard back directly via email.

We’ll work on getting you back up and printing as soon as possible.

Stressing not a good time to be inoperable I replied to Marc too

Still waiting for him to acknowledge my email. Did they answer you yet?

Yes, told me they were going to send me a new air assist unit when it’s available, I said I need ASAP

When is available :exploding_head:. That takes the cake!!

I’m hoping soon, how long you been waiting

Since Wednesday! Orders keep piling up :weary: I’ll probably will take a hit and order the Dremel I’ll get it by Wednesday.

Just got a confirmation of replacement part ordered no tracking though

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I just emailed Marc AGAIN! I still haven’t heard from them yet :rage:

Mine is actually working but still super loud My support person has been great …we did the fan clean with the electrical contact cleaner and made huge difference

I see we’re working with you about this through email. I’m going to close this topic!

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