Contact issues, machine replacement, FRUSTRATING

Hi everybody! I need recommendations//advice.
I ordered my Glowforge early February. Awaited arrival of the machine, and when it did not come on the date they said I contacted through email asking about it, then I was told that had a shortage… so the waiting continued and when I finally received my machine, it did not work. Like would not do a single thing. I went round and round through email and they said they would send me a replacement… The wait continued and today I received my replacement machine. It came soaking wet, I’m not sure what is on it. (maybe liquid out of the level inside??) It did not come with a crumb tray, exhaust system OR a power cord. Ive contacted the in every way I can think with no response yet. Im so frustrated! Any tips appreciated.

They should respond soon. The tray exhaust and power cord should be in a different box the first time. When you return the GF they tell you to keep your power cord tray and exhaust. If you sent those back let them know.

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Unfortunately that wasn’t stated, I’ve already look though messages seeing if I missed something.

Oh man what a buzzkill. Initial excitement trashed - twice. If the machine is wet on the inside it is most likely the coolant, that’s going to require another replacement I’m afraid.
I can tell you the company will make it right, eventually, in spite of the delivery gorillas. Hang in there just a little more and there is going to be a reward for your patience. I haven’t had a tool that was this much fun, or one that continued to improve - ever in my 60+ years.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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