Contactless payment stand

Her: “Hey, can you make a stand for my new Square reader?”
Me: “brb”


Heat bent?

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Yep. I usually clamp 2 squares of scrap medium ply on one side of the bend area, and 2 more squares on the other side of the bend area, leaving a gap about equal to the desired bend radius. Basically two sandwiches with the acrylic spanned between them. Then grab the heat gun and let gravity do its thing. Repeat per bend.

The sandwiched areas will heat up, but can’t flex as they’re held flat by the plywood “bread.”


I use the same technique with the heat gun. It works very well & the plywood pieces also act as effective insulators to keep the heat localized to the bend line. I like the relief notches to focus the bends.

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Very nice job.