Contigo Lid Button Ring

I have dropped my Contigo tumblers multiple times and they are usually just fine. Once in awhile the ring around the button pops off. The button doesn’t quite work right without the ring and I usually just glue it back on. This last time though, the ring went off on an adventure of it’s own, either to retire on a sunny beach, to search for someone with different drink preferences, or to find a less abusive home :slight_smile:

Never fear! I have a Glowforge!

I measured the remaining hole with my trusty calipers and got to work in Affinity Designer.
The resulting design works just fine and is on the left side of the svg, but after I tried it, I did some tweaking to make a better fit at the top and this is on the right side of the svg. The modified version has not been tested yet. The 2 versions of the ring are in the svg - just ignore the one you don’t want to use, and ignore the text as well. The zip file has the Affinity Designer file if someone wants to adjust it further.

The Contigo lid is not flat, and you will need to heat up the acrylic and bend it. I bought this set from Amazon and both of the tools worked perfectly when I used them.
Riuty Plastic Strip Heater, Arc Angle Bending Tool Energy-Saving Acrylic Bender Useful Economy Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Machine 100-240V This is my Amazon affiliate link for the product. I may earn from qualifying purchases.
The tools come with some anti stick stuff to add to the flat one, which I found I needed for this very small part.

Please be careful. This is a tiny bit of acrylic and will be hot and there is no cool place to touch it to make it form just the right shape. I braced the lid in a good position and poked the heated acrylic ring with pliers, tweezers and a few other tools I could grab quickly once I found out how hot it was :slight_smile:

Once the ring cooled to the right shape, I glued it in (some sort of super type glue I think). Do not glue the ring to the button. The ring is there to make the button move straight in and out.

The 1/8 proofgrade acrylic stands up a bit higher than the original ring, but I don’t see a problem with the functionality.

I hope this helps someone!

Contigo (10.6 KB)

Contigo Ring


Thanks for the share of a practical, product saving file.


That is a great fix. I use my Contigo insulated cup everyday, in fact I am having coffee in it right now.


Nice share! That bendy thingy looks an awful lot like a flat iron … :thinking:

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Nice save for your cup!

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Thank you for sharing.

Yeah, this flat iron size is overkill for this item, but I had it so I used it :slight_smile: And I shared it because they both work great for what I have done with them.

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I misread you the first time. Yes, it does look like a flat iron, and is about the same size as the one I have, or just a bit bigger. I don’t know what the temperature difference is though.

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Mine has a digital temp dial, never occurred to me to use it for acrylic bending but now you’re giving me ideas!

oh now you are making me think…
mine has interchangeable plates so you can iron designs into your hair… :slight_smile: