Continuing moosen week


It’s mom’s 70th birthday today. There were some minor fails with this, but after seeing @hansena’s 70th birthday present:

I’m growing increasingly depressed with my imagination. Darn you all to heck brain!

Mom likes moose (I think it may have started with the Swedish chef and the chocolate moose skit from the Muppet Show) and the base is the outline of the lake where they have their cabin. Made out of 1/4" poplar.

Details about cutting the poplar and some other stuff in Beyond the Manual: Your Burning Questions Answered: 0.27" Poplar.


Very nice! We are all about the moosen here, even the mascot for my sons’ middle and high schools. I’m always looking for more ideas; your present is wonderful!


I like moose also! Very nice!


Looks great!!! Nice job on the moose!