Continuous auto focus

There seems to be a lot of discussion about cuts not going all the way through. People usually think it’s due to slight warping in the material, including proof grade draft board.

Am I to understand that when continuous autofocus is implemented this will no longer be an issue with proof grade or other material? When is this expected to be implemented?



Dan and staff will almost never talk about times like this unless release is right on the horizon. Being that this will be a hard one and everyone is focused on delivering the units I’d guess quite a ways out.


Probably a safe assumption.

Sometimes it’s a dirty lens and/or windows. I am interested in how this plays out when tubes reach the end of their life expectancy.


I’ve wondered about this myself. Do they have a plan for keeping them in calibration or will everyone have to learn to fudge the settings near the end of a tube?
I have to fudge the settings right now on my PRU, not hard but I’d hope to not have to do this on a production unit.


Correct. We haven’t announced a date for this (or most any) software release yet; we typically just share when it’s done.