Control air flow?

Will we ever get to control our air flow either through the GFUI or a physical fan speed knob or dampers on the forge?
When I cut paper, there’s almost no smoke but the tornado creates problems. I use as many tiny magnets as I can they can’t hold down thin pieces that cut loose. My current method is to slide a piece of thin cardboard cut to the size of the air intake and to reduce the cat 4 hurricane, it does work well but I wonder if it puts a big strain on the fan motor. It would be better to divert the air or better yet to have a variable speed motor and a simple knob.
Another method would be to create the air flow from top to bottom rather than the ‘current’ right to left. I saw that this subject was talked about back in October 2016 and there’s no results so I wanted to bump it and see how the wish hopper is going.
R.L. Hamm

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Folks have had good luck using a Seklema mat for cutting paper and other lightweight materials. It’s sticky and holds the paper down through the tornado. :smile:

By the way, you will damage your exhaust fan if flaming bits of paper and masking go flying into it, so use a mat. They tend to stick to the fan and knock it out of balance.

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Fan control. The (seemingly) impossible dream. Sigh.

Krylon Repositionable adhesive spray + baltic birch plywood is my solution.

Spray the plywood from two different angles (so, two spray passes), apply paper, cut. Weed using a tool (ie., not just my fingers)

Cheaper than the Seklema, but then again I don’t cut enough paper to make the investment worthwhile. If I were doing paper all the time, then it’d be more cost-effective to buy the special mat.

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I use Home Depot tempered chipboard. Very smooth and very cheap.

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Any one thought of using spray adhesive on glass ?
Sounds a bit frightening, but when you consider all the peeps that are ‘engraving’ glass, why not ?
Flat, cheap because it will last till you drop it !
John :upside_down_face:

Thank you all for the suggestions and advice!

I’ve noted this request and am going to make sure the team notes it was brought up again here.