Controlled Depth Cutting

Will we be able to control (in lieu of auto recognition) the depth of cut using GF software? Let’s say I have two sheets of 1/8" thick acrylic sheets stacked. Would I be able to cut the top 1/8" thick panel only and not have it cut the bottom panel?

I think this will all depend on your settings. Power and speed. If you were doing something with stacked acrylic I would recommend assembling it after you cut. Even if you could dial it in to just barely cut through the first layer it will likely mark the second layer.

This thread explores this issue. It’s a feature. How and to what extent to be determined. So a variation of cut depth between surface engraving to full 1/4 inch should be software controlled either through multiple passes or beam intensity. The 3D about the GF uses multiple cameras to control Z axis with respect to surface of object so from what I can tell there is going to be lots of possibilities even within the small possible depth of cut.

@dan I’m sure you guys have probably thought of this already but is it possible using your cameras to either in real time or between quick passes determine the depth that has been achieved by the cut/engrave? So for draft projects could you say red line= about 1/8inch cut?(instead of setting power/speed, I know this isn’t an exact science and i will happily use the speed/power settings but this might be handy, especially for novices that can’t always buy your materials and get the exact settings first time. Alternative to auto calibration in a way?). Way be too tricky but worth a shot if you haven’t tried it I’m sure.

It’s beyond me how this would work with a kerf that narrow. How would a camera see and judge focus on a line that thin? The camera isn’t looking from the side. Maybe if you did a raster cut…

We looked into it but couldn’t resolve inside a cut well enough to know what’s really going on down there. For consistent materials (i.e. acrylic not wood) that come from us, we may be able to enable this since we can test & ensure consistency. For stuff you provide, you can determine it experimentally.