Controlling scan direction during engraving



Some early examples showed some scan lines in engravings. I haven’t seen too much of it in recent posts but it got me wondering - is it possible to dictate the direction the head scans?

For example, all of the videos I have seen the head tracks left to right. Is it possible to have the GF track front to back? It would be interesting to do two light passes in each direction as a sort of crosshatching.

As the engraving gets further dialed in I don’t see this as a huge benefit but it might be useful for some projects/designs.


Rotate the artwork?


I thought about that but even with a great camera system you can introduce alignment errors.


I think one overall problem might be the different steppers, or belts, or whatever is used to move the head. I am certainly no expert, but the forward to backward direction always seems to be a different type of movement than the left to right movement.

basically, I’m not sure that the laser is capable of behaving the same exact way in both orientations.

@karaelena only if the space allows for the artwork to be rotated 90 degrees. i.e. I have a cajon face that I would like to engrave my bands logo and name on. The dimensions are 12 x 20 (when viewing it, it will be in the portrait orientation). I think my only option is to lay it in landscape orientation in the bed and engrave the logo that way. If it would fit, then @lairdknox’s suggestion would be better for the quality of the engrave.


Guessing it would have some negative quality and time issues moving the entire gantry forward and back to do a raster engrave.


True, I guess it would be throwing more weight around. In any case I’m interested in playing with some multi pass engraves to see if you can get some interesting effects.