I talked to a glowforge owner’s wife at a craft fair today and she said her husband had been to a four day training/convention for Glowforge in Kentucky . Or perhaps Glowforge was just one vendor. He’s a cabinet maker. As a new owner I would love to be able to attend something like that. Anyone know how to find where one might be ?

Maybe just told his wife that he was at a 4 day convention. Haven’t heard of 3rd party outside training but wouldn’t surprise me.


Hmmm, could be one out there being put on by a third party, but I’ve never heard of one.

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it’s also possible an owner was doing a demo of some sort and it wasn’t actually GF doing something.


Agreed, there hasn’t been any officially Glowforge sanctioned conventions or training. Could be a private event put on by somebody else but is weird there was no info about it leaked on this forum or the Facebook groups.


No way someone developed a 4-day class without someone in this community hearing about it. You don’t just show up in a room and talk for 4 days…


What you might do is look for a Maker Group and ask if they have a Glowforge and when there might be classes/discussions, also any local schools that might be able to arrange a night class, Or find others in your local area and organize your own,

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Just realized - if you spoke to an owners wife, that means her husband is a member here. So hopefully we will get an answer…

I wonder what percentage of owners are active on this forum?

15941 folks with a “basic” badge
4173 received their first like on a post
5363 gave a like while lurking
1713 read every reply with a thread of over 100 replies

That roughs out to about one in four posting ever in the forum.

Wow… can you imagine? Be like stumbling around in the dark… at a convention! :smiley:

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i would or just be able to meet in person with other owner

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