can someone help please to me convert this two files because i convert them to SVG and the GF won’t recognize itBatman (2.5 MB)
starwars (2.7 MB)

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You had clipping masks in both of those files, which the Glowforge interface can’t deal with yet.

I also split them into sections, because you might have to do one section while ignoring the other in order to come in under the time limit.

Star Wars and Batman (1.4 MB)


It is on a 7 inch high by 70 inch wide paper backgound. Probably the problem.
Here they are on 12x20’s (603.6 KB)


Corel always puts clipping on an SVG. I found the place in the files to remove it in need but if you just ignore the caution and it prints fine (for me at any rate)

Yeah, the clipping mask was causing that 70 inch background. (I just recopied into the correctly sized file.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you

Thank you so much