Converted Spiral Bowl

I happened upon a 3D Printed spiral bowl uploaded to Thingiverse by user roolaid:

that looked as if it would lend itself to the laser, so I downloaded it, dumped the files into Tinkercad, saved as .svg, modified a few dimensions, added little round end stops, and let 'er rip…

Other than the end stops, nothing’s glued yet because I haven’t quite decided the spacing… But it looks pretty good to me so far…


I like the variation, but I can’t stop seeing a never-ending Escher staircase around the top rim… :no_mouth:


Very cool!


That’s very cool! If you run all the stoppers as far forward as you can, how flat does it get?

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I like those spacers. I did an identical spiral bowl about a year ago, but I glued colored wooden beads in between each layer as the spacers and getting them to stay put for the gluing was very fiddly.

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It gets hard to get them past each other and I just glued mine in place so I can’t give you an exact number, but I’d say a little less than an inch…

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It looks really great to me! I really like this take on the spiral bowl.


Very nice!

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Good job changing it over for laser use.

Tinkercad is my new best friend!

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I’ve only played with it a couple of times. Seemed easy to get where I wanted to go.

Converting STL to SVG is simple as importing an STL and then exporting as SVG. SO much easier than printing and then scanning to get a shape…

I tried it out for design work. It’s not bad.

Reminds me of my life going down the drain in 2020…but very cool looking