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I was browsing the community for help on this very topic, as I have been having this problem. I have tried following the instructions given to no avail. The file I am trying to use contains an SVG image to personalize and all of the letters of the alphabet to click and drag for personalization. Each letter is its own separate SVG already. I’m not using a textbox or font in Inkscape. I just click and drag the SVG letters I want to use to personalize the rest of the image, and then delete the letters I am not using. Therefore, when I try to choose Path-Object to Path it’s telling me that there are no objects to convert to path in the selection. In Inkscape, I am able to see the nodes on each letter and I am able to choose either stroke or fill, so they should all be there own objects. I upload to GF but it gives me the text error and everything is grayed out. I’m at a loss and wondered if anyone has any suggestions that I might be missing.

Thank you!

Can you share the file?

Hard to guess what might be happening without seeing it.

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It is likely everything is greyed out because you have not chosen material and settings, or the design does not fit in the printable area.

The warning about text is likely “remnants” in the file from when there where in fact text elements in there. That happens with files created in Inkscape. The same happens with things like clip paths, even after you eliminate them, there are definitions that GF will warn you about.

Replying to @eflyguy I can choose the material, etc., but it is still grayed out. I received the text error, as well.


Quick note: Once in Inkscape, I delete the small text directions before using any part of the file.

I purchased this file, so please make sure not to distribute.

The badge has no text objects, that’s fine.

The large letters are paths, also fine.

However, the blocks below with the font notes are still text objects. They’re throwing your error and won’t be rendered.

You can take the file down now if you don’t want to potentially distribute it. I didnt know disney sold user editable name badges, cool.

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The text warning is coming from the descriptive text. Everything else is printable once you delete the elements outside of the printable area.

Edit - what he said.

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So you are both saying that the all caps alphabet are not SVGs as the designer stated? Okay. Then wouldn’t the Path-Object to Path fix that? I’ve tried that with each letter and it still isn’t working.

They are vectors and will engrave or print just fine. There is nothing to “fix”.

SVG is the file format, it contains your letters, the text, and other elements.

The big letters are paths already I think. Let me undelete it and look again.


The bits that say like “Font/Size for the Cast Member Name” are the text objects.

I went back and reread your replies. I’m sorry I misunderstood. I have deleted the small text directions. I have deleted all of the bits that say “Font/Size, etc.” They are gone when I upload to GF but I still get the text error message and can’t print. Should I not delete those, and convert it all before deleting?

The error is just because the file had text previously. A “remnant”. You can ignore it.

The design will print fine once you assign the appropriate settings.

When I select the settings, it still remains gray. Will it print anyway? Sorry for so many follow up questions.

You might want to post a screenshot of the UI workspace.

It’s fine here…

Thank you! I ended up converting all of the text and then deleting it and it worked that way. I appreciate your help! I wouldn’t have known anything about “remnants” so I thank you very much!

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You’re going to want to combine these 2 shapes and make them 1 before you try engraving. They overlap and those areas will be excluded from the engrave depending on the material, speed, and power used for he engrave.


edit 5/13 to correct. Overlaps will exclude from engrave, not burn deeper unless joined.


Thank you for the tip!

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