Converting to SVG moves some items - Illustrator

I’m working on a design and I noticed that when I rasterized sections in Illustrator, that some sections seem to move. Here’s some pics to make it clearer.

In illustrator:

In GF: (the top log doesn’t reach the edge like it should.)

In illustrator:

In GF: (Looks like it shrank)

My settings for SVG:

Any one have any thoughts on this? I took one section out completely and put it in a new file. Converting to SVG does the same thing.

There have been several reports here that the “Responsive” option should be disabled when saving SVG files from Illustrator.


Yes, illustrator has a bug when exporting SVGs with raster images in them. The math on the matrix transform equation is wrong. I’ve submitted the bug to adobe, but who knows how long it’ll take to fix it.

I also have another topic related to this somewhere in the “everything else” category.

Here it is: Images engraving incorrect size


Glad I’m not losing it then. That’s weird that it, atleast for me, suddenly showed up like that. Guess like you, I’ll have to wait for Adobe to fix it. I’ll just over size the parts having issues.


I believe that bug only pops up when resizing arbitrarily, no? (In that the aspect ratio isn’t maintained)

First step, @cditty is to turn off “Responsive” and see if you get what you want. Also, if working in inches, change the decimal places to 3 or 4; a value of 1 will introduce noticeable rounding of point locations.

Responsive tries to resize to a web environment.


No, it just gets worse when resizing. It’s almost always present to some degree.

The more you mess with the raster the worse it gets.

It is possible to set the size and position manually by editing the SVG however. I’ve done this and it works fine, you just have to be comfortable finding it.


I was able to get this sorta fixed by rotating the affected section 90 degrees. For me that is fine as it saves wood for more burning. @takitus That might be something to try on your end to see if it helps you too.

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