Conveyor belt failure- fire

Hey everyone,

I am a recent buyer of glowforge pro.
To be honest i love the product. And the possiblities are end less.

But as a starter, i have had few issues to begin with.
The glass window part on the laser head had a minor crack. Glowforge was kind enough to ship me a replacement.

however, since the beginning the laser head would sometimes not fire for various reasons even for the proofgrade material.

also, sometimes the proofgrade material wouldn’t be read and detected by the camera. on top of that, Some of the proofgrade material that was sent wasn’t even listed on the menu. Have anyone noticed that?

Manytimes, the laser would stop in the process of a cut and the whole plank of wood goes waste. Also, the cut is not deep enough that the design doesn’t pop out.
But, the real problem arrived

Recently there was a fire. i suspect the conveyor belt failed and the laser head didn’t move as needed and it led to a fire burning the wood and some other parts inside(rubber lining, the bus wire etc.) i have reached out to glowforge team, hoping for a quick response.

Have anyone else had the similar issues(mentioned above)?

Do let me know.
thank you!

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your Glowforge.

I see you also emailed us about this and I’ve just followed up there with the next steps.

We’re going to continue to work on this with you through email, so this thread will be closed.