Cookbook stand

Still working on understanding how to make 3D designs, but I feel like this is a step forward for me.

(Still posting photos in replies because I am still limited to one per post. Anyone have any idea when that will go away? It seems like it doesn’t apply to everyone - maybe because I’m not in the directory of owners because my husband is the one who ordered the Glowforge.)




Oh how pretty! Almost looks too good to cover up with a cookbook! :grinning:


Very nice! I love the choice of the wheat for the background :slight_smile:


The wheat makes me more willing to just have it standing around empty in my kitchen when I’m not in the middle of cooking. I found it by searching “free vector wheat” and taking an image I liked. It’s licensed for personal use only, so I won’t post the design with it, but you can get to my OnShape file for the stand without the drawing here.


Very nice! The decoration just makes it!

The limitations on posting photos and such are limits in the Discourse software that runs this forum. I think you just need to interact more (replies and likes and such), and the limits will automatically go away.


It’s just that I see people posting “here are eight pictures of my first project” and I’m, like, why can’t I do that? :slight_smile: It’s particularly annoying because I cannot zip files and post them - I can only post images, and only one per post. I’ve been here for more than 100 days and posted 31 times - I’m just wondering when the limitation will go away.

I know, first world problems. I’ll go play with my Glowforge now.

Wish I could tell you when that will happen, but I don’t know what the limits are. Good luck!

That came out very well !! And using that book (Fix it and freeze it…) more time to forge things (and learn 3d). I feel comfortable now with Inkscape, still haven’t found the time to get into any 3d software yet… tend to design more in my head then draw it in 2d and fudge sizes (cutting in cardbord and scrap) until it fits :slightly_smiling_face:.
One idea for this holder would be to add pivoting(rotating?) arms on the front lip to hold wider books( like the left side on the last pic). Think “windshield wipers” that fold down but could flip left or right to hold down pages or even slightly up(or straight up) to hold a stubborn page down or page from flopping closed- esp if near an end of the book. (oooh make 'em wheat stalks):star_struck:


I love how simple and clean looking that design is. Great job.

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I love simple solutions great job

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Nice job! You’re very kind to share your file, thank you.

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Neat idea! It’s not glued, so I just take the front piece off for fat books. But I don’t have a way of holding them in place when I’m near the beginning or end. I have one that is pretty heavy, too - I suspect it would break the arms in back if I tried to use it in that configuration. My problem with flyaway pages is usually the thinner ones.

This seemed like the most logical place to try this - I got an email from the GF team that my account status had been upgraded and I should be able to post multiple images and files now.

My cookbook holder: