Cool AI app for job quality

I do a lot of 3D printing (and of course that means a lot of failures). Especially since I do a lot of anatomic prints which are very long and complicated. So I have many times woken up to a giant snot ball. Sigh. Well a new plug in to the Spaghetti Detective web service arrived for Octoprint. So for $3/month it does Machine Learning powered analysis of the Octoprint time lapse camera to detect impending failures. Watch the movie on the website. Plus lets me monitor my prints from work without a hole in my firewall (images are pushed from the RPi running octopi.


Are you seeing failures due to setup issues where the model isn’t set up correctly or due to build plate adhesion or something else?

I mean prints fail. Just a fact of printing, like losing adhesion. Especially with nylon, where it’s easy to fail and failure often destroy the printer. I had a failure that sheared my x-carriage in half and ejected the bed off the printer. Stopping before the parts came off the bed and jammed the printer, would have saved it. It changed my dual extruder to a single…


Well, ok, I guess, but I don’t have prints fail often at all. When I do they are most likely printer hardware failures. I have had maybe three spaghetti balls in 5 years. I haven’t had a single failure that damaged the printer. I guess I have been lucky.

Do you do a lot of nylon?

I have run hundreds of nylon parts. I have run thousands of parts total. I estimate each of my 6 main printers has over 4000 print hours and the oldest may be approaching twice that. My Prusas have at least 600 hours each.

You’re lucky, definitely had nylon let go, and nylon always always wins… I rarely have failures with pla (normally my own failure to support) since many of my prints are anatomical they have crazy geometry which often is very suboptimal for printing…

Thanks for doing that research for me. I saw the extension pop up the other day in the feed and figured that it wasn’t an addon that found an Italian restaurant near you, but did wonder how they would get it done.

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