Cool Army unit logo on Acrylic

My niece has been called up as part of the press corp, she needed something to cheer her soldiers up after a rough couple of weeks. If any of you have family in the military you’ve probably heard the “I can’t bring that back, don’t send it” instructions. So when I was sent this cool logo the request consisted of “I don’t care when you make on the Glowforge but make sure it’s flat so it doesn’t get left behind.” Ugh. I played around with the artwork and came up with a tag that the unit could use to put on bags or backpacks. I used proof grade clear acrylic and the tools in the app to add a circle and an outline. I think it turned out nice- I love the fine details! The unit loved them so I thought I would share. I’m including a photo of the logo printed in glossy Avery round labels- I sent those too- they’re flat so it worked!


These look great. I’m sure they will love them-great idea!

Is your niece in Combat Camera?

Such a great idea :slight_smile:

For future designs, consider making the loop much more robust. I would venture that any type of real use of these tags will result in that loop breaking, which would be a real shame.


NIce! LIttle gifts that tell people that they are being thought about are a GF specialty I am sure they will all enjoy the tags! Great work!

They will love them!