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Hello how often when you printing this Glowforge pro cool down in the middle of print twice

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You will get this message when the operating temperature in the room is close to the maximum and/or when your fans and exhaust system need to be cleaned. I have never gotten the message, but I don’t do long engraves.


Hello I just got it a few weeks ago it has the filter on the side never went into the setting it cool down 5 time and start back up

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If you are running in a warm room, particularly with a basic, this might happen. If you just let it do its thing it may start up after a few minutes and finish. If it does not pick up and continue after 20 min then cancel the print and feel the print head. If it is warm or hot to the touch then the fan itself is overheating the head if the head is not moving. I had mine do this when I paused the print, so I did not pause the print after that and did not have a problem.

In either case, I would set the temp in the room to 70-75 degrees and you should cease to have a problem. These machines are like an indoor pet, they do not like being too hot, too cold, or too humid. Even unplugged, below 40F they can die. Like many magic technology critters dampness in its soul will let out the magic smoke and they will die if that happens also.


How would you know if the filter work?

You can turn the fan on the filter up. If that doesn’t help, your filter could be full.


Where at


Ok I never touch that thanks

I have only had that happen once, but I learned that as the tube temperature increases the power slowly diminishes.

The line across the image under the white walker’s nose is where the pause happened. It got to the temperature to cause it to pause, and when it started up again the engraving was darker because the power had been restored.
On a side note, the image is how I feel when I wake up to a foot of snow… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Preview of tomorrow, then?


Yes, according to the weather report I should anticipate it!

See?! The walker and I could be related!


Oooo! Hard to unsee that…

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