Cool large pepekura desk

Hey folks. Stumbled on his in a Facebook pepekura forum.

It’s a bit long but skimming it works well. Thought it might be of some interest.



I cannot help but wonder how easily that completely cardboard construction can be demolished… There was plenty of structural support, but it is still cardboard…

I so very much want to put an aquarium on top of it and just slowly fill it with water…


Definately wouldn’t put the Glowforge on it…

I did only just now realize that in the static image on the top post she is sitting on top of the desk. And in the center, not directly above a support column.

So, I guess it can support some decent weight. Even if you allow for her to be very short, she should weigh more than a 50 lb Glowforge. And certainly her weight is not as well distributed across the desk surface.

I picked up Nomadic Furniture (by Hennessey/Papanek) from amazon based on a suggestion here in the forum. It has a large number of cardboard-based furniture projects. The type of cardboard (single wall, double wall) and the orientation of the corrugation seems to be key.

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Thanks for reposting this tip. I just picked up used copies of Nomadic Furniture 1 & 2.

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