Cool Software to save material. Shape Nesting

Thanks goes to Novak Banda on the GUG Facebook group for sharing the link. Deepnest looks like a great little piece of software that packs multiple laser cutout shapes to save cutting time and most importantly material. I just installed it so I haven’t had a chance to use it with my projects yet but I can’t wait to try it.


So much previously…

I haven’t used it seriously, does anyone have any success stories with it? My tests were only so so.

Eww. Sorry, I was so excited by the discovery I forgot to search.

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I will remove this thread this afternoon to keep the clutter off the forum

No, it’s not a bad thing that there are multiples. It can be hard to discover topics on Discourse. I’m glad you reminded us (me) because I just did a manual nest the other day and had forgotten I downloaded deepnest.


I haven’t been able to get it to do anything much better than I do (if it can do it - it often cycles forever or until I lose patience). There’s probably a type of object that it works well for that the developer created the algorithms for.

I have had a lot of success with it when I cut wooden letters for various projects. It arranges the letters much more quickly and with less waste than I can do manually. The problem I have is I use Illustrator and when the file is put into Deepnest it gets scaled down a certain percentage, so I have had to scale up the letters in illustrator for them to come out the desired size after Deepnest arranges them.

I haven’t had an opportunity to play with the program much yet. But I did see that there is a scale factor in the setting. That might help with Illustrator.


I’ve tried it, and had the same results. First time it worked great. Then I tried it with about 2 (12"x20") pages worth of snowflakes. And it would simply fail when trying to load the file. So I did some testing.

It would only work when the file contained 1 page worth of items. I started with about 1/2 page of snowflakes, and kept adding to the file until it failed again. Which happened as soon as I got over the number of snowflakes that it could nest on the “sheet” size I specified.

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Once you put the sheet size in you can change the quantity of sheets in the list. I typically just set it for more than I need, it will still just use the minimum sheets it needs for all the shapes you import.


OMG! How did I miss that? Well that invalidates my testing, but may well make things easier. Thanks!

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