Coolant leak during shipping

Yes my Glowforge is here and yes it seems to be in one piece!

But, the reservoir leeked durring shipping. (Probably all that time on it’s side)


It started up just fine and cleared the bubbles in the tube just fine. The pump sounds primed too. I just want to make sure that I’ll be good to go. Should I be worried that the cap isn’t air tight? Nothing appears to be leaking out now that it is on my desk and it knocked out a 46min engrave with no sweat.

But I did have to reset it once for an over temp error that happened as soon as I turned it on. Not sure if that is related.


I strongly suggest you don’t use it at all until you hear from Support. Like, don’t even turn it on until you hear from them.
It’s supposed to be a sealed system.

Are you sure it came from the inside of the machine and not externally?


After 2 years I couldn’t help it lol.


Ugh! So frustrating. Sorry you’re having to deal with that.

Just makes me think: is UPS completely unaccountable for their lax shipping controls? I must have read more than twenty accounts here on the boards about deliveries where the “This Side Up” labels have been flat out ignored. What’s the point of putting them on there if UPS is just going to ignore them? Is the GlowForge team yelling at them? @dan, UPS is disrespecting!


I just went looking for any evidence that UPS even offers a service for shipping things that must remain oriented in a particular direction, for any amount of money. Short answer: No. “This side up” doesn’t mean anything. You might as well write “Carry only in marsupial pouch” on the box. They don’t read it and are not set up to accommodate such a request.

The fanciest thing I can find is UPS Proactive Response, which seems useful mainly if you’ve got a critical box of bull semen that’s about to go bad, and Proactive Response Secure, for shipping a briefcase full of gold doubloons chained to a courier. Neither of them say anything about this-side-up, BTW.


And never mark any shipment, no matter the carrier, “FRAGILE”

I found out that means “STOMP HERE”


I used to work in the shipping department for our company. I saw the ups driver throwing boxes from one end of his truck to the other in a fit of rage. I used FedEx primarily after i witnessed this behavior more that three times. NO EFFS GIVVEN

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At various times, randomly, as I walked the streets of Porta Venere and Torino, this scene would pop into my head! :grinning:

We’re so sorry that this has happened! :frowning:

Unfortunately, we need to replace your unit. We’ll email you shortly to make arrangements – it’s our goal to have you printing on a new unit very quickly!

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