Cooling down... after seconds

My glowforge is cooling down constantly after just starting a cut. It worked fine last night. The temperature is in the 60’s so that isn’t the problem. I have turned it off and on many times, reconnected to the wifi, rebooted my computer… I have cleaned all the lenses and air assist fan and I have an inline fan set up with the internal fan turned off. Any suggestions?

Have you checked the intake vents under the front right side are clear? Sometime a piece off paper or fabric can get sucked up there.

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Check that there’s actual air flow through your inline fan. The grate behind the built-in fan gets clogged up whether you use that built-in fan or not. So can a window screen on the other side if you have one there. No airflow means no cooling.

Also check that this bundle of wires isn’t sticking out and getting hit by the drag chain of the laser arm when it moves. If the temperature sensor wire gets damaged or disconnected, you’ll get spurious temperature warnings.

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I took the exhaust off of the unit and it was clear. The one cut it tried to make today did have smoke coming from the end of the exhaust so that all appears to be working ok. The yellow light turns on now immediately after turning the unit on. I have sent a message to glowforge.

I will go check that now.

There is nothing blocking anything underneath. Thanks for the suggestion.

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So after a response from glowforge via email, I turned the unit on and waited for it to “warm up” and still received the alert. I then pulled my exhaust inside and heated the room with the glowforge to 80 degrees and still had a “too cold” alert. I then googled and found a factory reset which allowed me to cut for approximately 1 minute before I got a “cooling down” notice and canceling the cut. I again turned off the glowforge and turned it back on only to get a “too cold” error. I am at my wits end at this point. I have been at this for over 5 hours today alone.

Was it an automated response, or did support ask you to do all of those troubleshooting steps?

Unless I’m mistaken, doing a factory reset of your Glowforge erases the diagnostic logs that were created…which are important tools for support to use to help figure out what’s going on with your machine. A reset shouldn’t be used unless directed by support.

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The machine does not “warm up”, there is no mechanism for it to generate heat other than the slight warming of the coolant circulating the laser tube while in-use. Even then, you cannot heat a room with it. The air from the exhaust at full power is barely above ambient.

I only plug my machine in when I am ready to print, then I print immediately. Then I unplug it, unless I have another print planned.

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It did sound like they were using the Glowforge to heat the room (which, as you pointed out could never be done) but I think they meant that they heated the room where the GF is, to 80º

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Good point. 80º would be well above operating temperature.

Sounds to me like a failed temp sensor or wiring to it, which will require machine replacement.

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It was from support. They suggested that the coolant was cooler than the ambient air and I needed to wait 10 minutes for it to warm up.

I did see that from Glowforge but support already had my logs from when the problem began so I took my chances to possibly get it working again.

I only turn mine on to print. But that was the suggestion from support. I used space heaters to heat the area around the Glowforge. If my machine put off heat I would be very leery of using it.

Got it. Misunderstanding.

Not sure how waiting 10 minutes would “warm it up” because if the machine is not in-use, the intake fan shuts down. You can hear it.

my machine is doing that cool down stuff to, if ii wait it will come back up and continue to cut for a couple minutes then shuts down for coming again. this only happens on cutting it will engrave all afternoon. the ambient temp in my room is 72.4 degrees.
I have asked support but no answers yet

sorry for the typos. it should read cooling again not coming again

Yes, I see or hear nothing different than I ever have. I don’t understand either, but that was the response I received from Glowforge.

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