Cooling Down constantly pops up

I’ve been getting this “Cooling Down” error almost every print now and it seems to never end for some prints. The house is set at 68 degrees and the Glowforge is in the basement where its coolest so I’m confused as to why I keep getting this error. Any help would be much appreciated!

When was the last time that you thoroughly cleaned the exhaust and air assist fans?


I haven’t yet cleaned it. It’s still quite clean inside since I haven’t used it that much but maybe that might be the issue. I’m waiting on the current print to finish and then I’ll clean it out to see.

also check how humid the room is, I have noticed a higher humidity messes with the sensor.


Thanks, that’s good to know because it is quite humid here right now. I’ve had a dehumidifier running for a few days in the room its in but it seems to be a losing battle.

Hi @RoyAndCody. I’m sorry to see that you’ve been running into some trouble with your Glowforge constantly pausing to cool down with recent prints. I saw you also emailed us a couple days ago for this issue, but looks like you may not have received our response. I went ahead and sent a follow up email to help us confirm your unit information on there so we can help take a look and get you back up and printing without any cooling issues. Can you confirm that you received my follow up email either through replying to the email, or write us at with the reference ticket number 320583. I’ll leave this thread open just in case, and will look forward to hearing back.

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