Cooling Down Issue

I’m getting a constant cooling down warning on my GF. Even when it’s just been on for 10 seconds. it says it will start in a few minutes but never does. It’s winter where I live so it’s definitely not hot here. My machine was recently cleaned thoroughly. I vent to the outside from my basement thru a dryer vent. My machine is 1.5 years old and I only use it for hobby purposes (which means I don’t use it all the time). Unsure as to why my GF is already malfunctioning. Anyone have any ideas on what I could try. GF has tried to help but been unsuccessful. I’m pretty disappointed. Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

What is the current outside temperature? The GF has a min/max temperature so if the vent is left on without a damper or something to block the cold outside air from getting into the machine it may be too cold to operate…

  • Basic and Plus: Between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius)
  • Pro: Between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius)

Missed this line. I presume you are already working with them via email? If so they would have already checked the logs for temperature readings…


Ive had this issue at all different temps. Currently my temps are in the 30s but I couldn’t get it to cut when it was 60 degrees out. Appreciate your help. I’m really not wanting to return my machine but might have to otherwise it’s a $6K paper weight.

Do you have a decent portable thermometer? I would put it in the GF and close the lid and see what the temp is inside the unit. Even tho it would get up to 60F during the day outside, the internal temp of the GF still could be below the 60F min temp as the internals could hold onto the cold for awhile.


I surely hope they checked the temp logs. Guess I should ask to make sure. If it’s something fixable on my end I’d rather fix it myself.

I live in CT and currently it’s 23. I have my GF in the basement right now. I also tried it upstairs in the dining room vented to the outside just through a window and it still did the same thing. House temp is 68-70 degrees. Vent was inside the house until I used it and then just stuck the hose out the window. I didn’t have any problems last winter here.

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The temp sensor is in the head and the data has to pass through the white cable. If the connection on the head has an issue (and it may be subtle) then that is one place you can fix the issue. Take photos and look carefully.


thanks. I will check it out in the morning. I have to make sure I know exactly what I’m looking for and at. If something is wrong, is it an easy fix? Thanks for your help.

We’ve completed the troubleshooting we can do remotely, but I’m moving this so you can continue working the problem with the Glowforge community, as well!

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Here’s a few pics does anything look wrong to you? I can find anything but I’m not an expert by any means
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I’ll try and load just 2.

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