Cooling down message right after starting print

Hello, I am looking for any info other users have experienced concerning a sudden and consistent Cooling Down message. I ran the GF for 6-8 hours yesterday (I have a Pro), for various jobs of varying run lengths. This morning I got right back to it - and got the Cooling Down, will resume in a few minutes message - yet, it literally takes a second or two. Sometimes the message is so fast I would miss it blinking; but it is happening more consistently as I continue to try and print. The head is pausing in conjunction with these very quick messages, which concerns me as far as wear and tear.

I have a Pro that was a replacement for a Plus I owned for 4 years. As of March 1, it is just out of its 90-day warranty.

I have read about the obstructions on the right side - nothing there, and I am now running a fan on that side to no avail. I removed the exhaust fan on March 8th, because first it made a horrible vibrating noise before stopping altogether, and now run 2 AC Infinity units to vent out a window (one inline and another 6 inch monster - the draw is enough that there is no smoke in the bed area for any short period of time, even at Full Power cuts and engraves). The room the GF is in is typically at 60-65 degrees tops this time of year.

Is there a sensor going bad? Another ribbon cable that may need reseating? I will add that when I received the Pro replacement, the cooling fluid had leaked; it was hard to say how much, but the protective bag was greasy with it on the left side (thanks UPS - those arrows mean something!). I contacted support then but their reply was not to be alarmed, basically. Is that now catching up with me?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. This machine is part of my business, and trying to fulfill orders at this rate is going to take me at least twice as long.

Regardless of what temp the room is, what is the temperature inside the machine? Either put a small thermometer in there, or a small container of water and let it sit for a few hours then measure the temperature. My machine was leaning against a wall on its left side at the UPS depot when I picked it, and fluid had spilled - although I didn’t discover the stains from it until I removed the left top panel to remove the exhaust fan.

In summer, I keep my AC set to 80 on the main level where the GF resides, and it has never given me that error. (I set it to mid-60’s heat in winter months - my thermostats actually handle heat and cool without me touching them, as our spring and fall can have some crazy swings…)

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