Cooling fluid

going to right to the point what type of fluid do i use for cooling lazer ? i know its a closed loop system and i shouldnt have to do anything ! but long story short there is a small leak on the lazer side of tank hook up i can see were the fluid has leaked. it is now sucking air and pushing bubbles threw the lazer tube.

It is unlikely that forum members that are just owners/users are qualified to answer this question with certainty. Glowforge support personnel do not monitor the forum, so you will need to contact them directly. There have been discussions here in the forum regarding the coolant, but none of them include official Glowforge support’s answer.


are you getting a yellow light when you power on? The only temp sensor in the machine is in the coolant system and it will trigger a yellow light if there is an issue with the coolant. If you are not getting a yellow light then you should still be fine.

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thank you for your reply no i have tilted the printer up 1/4" and it still is sucking a little bit of air so i need to fill it up.

i have tried GF and the customer service is BS. And i cant just put anything in the printer with out completly removing anything whats in there i dont want to mix chemicals.

Search the forum for “unicorn tears” to read previous discussions.


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