Cooling HUD

Is it possible to have a gauge of some sorts in the GFUI that would show current temperature and a mark of operating temperature? That way people could see how long it’s going to be til they can cut again. (maybe notifications via text/email that its ready)


What would also be potentially helpful is a temperature chart per job with each operation marked. You could see what parts of the job caused the temperature to rise the most and potentially change your behavior to reduce that type of thing. For example, if it was always the cut that drove the job to pause you could do that last, so it could finish the job without stopping to cool. Or maybe the engrave job was not intense enough to raise temperature a lot, so if you did the cut first, there would be enough room to run the engrave afterwards and it would still be cooling or steady during that op so you wouldnt have to pause at the end.

Empowerment by analytics.

I think it would be cool to have, especially for users who experience a lot of cooldown sessions…


I see what you did there. Nice pun



Not sure I understand the numbers in your temperature scale, though.

Could you convert it to degrees Kelvin just to make it absolutely absolute?



You say ‘chart’, but very similar to that… have the GUI updating the lasing position on the web screen in real time, with the redrawn line color matching the operating temperature at that position. Maybe it couldn’t update in real-time. If not, then why not have the Glowforge pause and send a refresh of the temperature history up to that point while it’s paused?

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Wait… You want to use actual units of measure? In the Glowforge UI?!


All those numbers might be confising and make people’s heads hurt. Icons might be more palatable.

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I am sure GF will come up with a better way of obfuscating it. Perhaps a scale of hotness that goes from 1 to 100 with neither temperature disclosed.

Operating conditions are specified as 50-85 degreesF so that scales into 0-100 horribly… perfect.


For maximum obfuscation…

  • The scale goes from 100 to 0
  • Label it “Device Anti-Calidity Reserves.”

Ah there you go, it’s a percentage of available choochiness scale. Once it reaches 0, it no longer chooches and takes a break.


Neat! I’d enjoy that for my prints too, just for curiosity sake. Into the hopper.