Cooling Programming

It’s a joke and should be fixed. I’m confident the system heats up more while trying to “cool”


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I’ll assume you have a Basic and are operating it outside its supported ambient temperature ranges?

If so, the machine will only cool if the ambient temperature is sufficient to do so.
Search the forum and you will find some suggestions on how to operate a GF in rooms that are too warm.


If the room is 78 degrees F, then, the forge will run for 3 -5 minutes when you start the first job. its running all the fans, I think to help keep condensation down, but also to cycle the coolant through the system a couple times. Then it cuts. If you do other cuts immediately after, there is less ‘cooling’ time. The cooler the room, the better, of course. Those of us in the deep south are waiting for October!


I have struggled with it.(basic) Frustratingly so. I’ve even regretted the decision to place my GF upstairs which just makes it worse and my time spent creatively has struggled accordingly. I am glad we are at the fall season and I plan on relocation downstairs by spring.


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